Area of Expertise

Group Employee Benefits

A comprehensive Employee Benefits Scheme has became the priority of many SMEs and Corporate in Malaysia.  In view of the escalating medical costs, companies in Malaysia are becoming more aware of their employees well being. A well structured plan that encompasses Group Hospitalization (GHS), Out-Patient (GOP), Nursing Care, Daycare Procedure, Cancer Treatment, Term Life, Coverage against Critical Illnesses and Personal Accident are now available for your organization. Many even extend to cover the employees’ immediate family members to enjoy the same GHS and GOP coverage.

Car Insurance Calculator

Getting the right motor vehicle insurance is going to be easy. First, try our new car insurance calculator to estimate your car insurance premium. It is so easy to use, no wonder so many customers recommended it to their friends. The tools like car insurance calculator, road tax calculator and windscreen estimator are the best tools for budgeting purpose. It will gives users the flexibility to choose the right coverage that suits their budget. You can now include optional protection against floods, legal liability, riots and etc. You can even check the nearest panel of workshops near them. This is the best way to get everything you need under one service provider.

Divorce & Settlement

In Malaysia there is ONE divorce in every 10 minutes.  Our advisors are able to handle some difficult questions surrounding this area in a more engaging manner. This preliminary engagement will allow you to understand the process and your rights. Find an amicable solution to your unique situation.


MALAYSIANS numbering 64,632 have been declared bankrupt in the last five years, (Source TheStar August 16, 2018). How to avoid bankruptcy and what to do when you receive a Bankruptcy Notice?  Find out your rights and the technical grounds available to avoid being declared a bankrupt!

Personal Injury

520,000 cases of motor vehicle related accidents in Malaysia ,  7120 death and 12,000 injury cases (Source MIROS 2016). Insurers are facing higher claim ratio and appointed lawyers to settle these cases out of court. How about you? Do you know your rights if you or your family member involved in an accident?

Estate Planning

The importance of writing a will and nominate your beneficiaries. Do not let the court to decide on your estate distribution. Find the most cost effective ways to distribute your wealth. Take 10 minutes to understadnd the whole process which can save you millions later.

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